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Flip Flop FAQ's

Currently, the largest size we carry is US Men's 15/US Women's 16 in select colors including Black, Charcoal, Khaki, and Navy.
Archies Footwear products purchased from our official online store or authorized retailers are covered by a 6-month warranty against manufacturing faults. Contact our customer service team with your order number, email address, a photo of the fault, and the size stamp underneath the pair. For retail purchases, provide proof of purchase and shipping information. We offer replacement or store credit for valid warranty claims within terms. No refunds for retail purchases. Warranty excludes external damage like cuts, scrapes, or animal damage. Keep faulty pair for return. Contact customer support to initiate a warranty return. We reserve the right to reject claims not meeting fair use or terms.
We initially offered two arch types, but due to popularity and cost considerations, we now only produce the High Arch model. It's only slightly higher than the Standard Arch and suits most foot types. If you experience discomfort, we have a trick to help the arch mold to your feet quickly. Many customers who preferred the Standard Arch now love the High Arch after trying this trick.
Yes, we've updated our size system to include both men's and women's sizes on the thongs, aligning more with industry standards. It's very accurate in matching normal running shoe sizes, with only minor differences from our previous system.
The comfort and correct positioning of the arch are key. Archies are slightly narrower to ensure the foot stays secure and the orthotic aligns properly. Most people, even with wide feet, find they can adjust the straps for a comfortable fit. The stretchable straps can accommodate wider feet if needed.
Yes, our flip flops are unisex, and their sizing aligns closely with regular shoe sizes. For instance, if you typically wear US Women's 6, we recommend selecting US Men's 5/US Women's 6.
Archies flip flops typically match your normal running shoe size closely. They're designed with a snug fit, allowing for slight adjustments in sizing, usually within half a size range, for a good fit.
Archies Flip Flops are intentionally designed with a snug strap and toe pole for optimal foot function. However, you can easily adjust the tightness by stretching the strap manually. Watch our tutorial video:

Slides FAQ's

Archies slides are unisex. Sizing typically aligns with your regular running shoe size.
Currently, the largest size we carry is US Men's 15/US Women's 16 in select colors including Black
All Archies Footwear products come with a 6-month warranty against manufacturing faults. See our return policy for options and guidelines.
Focus on comfort and correct arch positioning. Archies are adjustable, accommodating many foot types.
Initial batches had looser fits, but sizing has been adjusted for accuracy.
Archies slides are designed snugly for optimal foot support. Bands can be stretched for a custom fit.
Slides are based on thong sizing and fit true to size.
Our slides tend to fit snugly. For narrow feet, a half size down might be suitable after stretching the band.
Archies slides can be stretched manually. Watch our video for tips.
Archies sizing mirrors standard US shoe sizes, ensuring a consistent fit.

Insoles FAQ's

Arch Support Insoles correspond to shoe size, not foot length. Check for removable insoles and built-in support in your shoes before selecting.
Insoles utilize the same technology and design as our Flip Flopsand Slides.
The 3/4 casual insole is suitable for shoes with fixed insoles; others require removable insoles.
Full Length Casual insoles suit boots with removable soles; 3/4 Casual insoles are an option if soles can't be removed.
While advice from a health professional is crucial, our foam-based insoles offer comfort. We offer 4 types suited for different shoe types rather than specific conditions.

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For shoes with fixed insoles, use 3/4 Casual insoles. Full Length Casual insoles suit shoes with removable soles, like leather shoes.
For shoes with removable insoles and no built-in arch support, the Workboot Insole is recommended. Use our size chart or select based on your shoe's US size.
While Full Length and 3/4 Casual Insoles are trimmable, trimming other types may affect durability.
Casual Insoles (full length & 3/4) can be lightly washed, avoiding water contact. Sports Insoles and Workboot Insoles should not be washed, but wiped with baby wipes or hand washed gently.