Fit of Archies Flip Flops and Slides

Our flip flops and slides should “fit like a glove” with very little space in front of the toes and behind the heels. 

We suggest selecting your standard running shoe size. You can also measure your footlength and use the size chart below.

Half sizes

If your feet are a half-size, we recommend sizing up to the next size. 


  • The size of our insoles is based on the size of the shoe and not your footlength.
  • If your shoe size is a half size, size down.
  • Choose the same US size as your shoes or remove the insole and measure it. Use the size chart below to find the appropriate size according to the length.

Full Length Casual | Perfect for FLAT shoes with a REMOVABLE insole

3/4 Casual | Perfect for FLAT shoes with insoles that CAN NOT be removed

Sport | Ideal for sports shoes that have a REMOVABLE insole plus BUILT-IN arch support 

Work Boot | Super comfortable for FLAT work boots with a REMOVABLE insole