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Company Details & Intellectual Property

Company Name:Archies Footwear Pty Ltd

ACN:164 576 854 

Registered Office Address:Archies Footwear, 486 High Street, Echuca, VIC, Australia 3564.

IMPORTANT! Please do NOT send returns to this address (they will NOT be received). For returns & other enquiries, please contact us through our contact us form on our website.


The Archies Thongs design is a Patented/Registered Design in a number of countries.

Archies® & are registered trademarks in a number of countries.

All IP is monitored by a Global IP Watch Service and our rights are rigorously enforced!

Australian:Registered Designs 347331, 347332

Argentinian: Registered Design 85271

New Zealand:Registered Design 417357

European Community:Registered Design 002196949-0001.

Chinese:Registered Design ZL 201330055236.1

Mexican:Registered Design 41298
Canadian:  Design Registration 150125 - - Daniel Bartholomew Jones  

Indian:Registered Design 252160

USA:Design Patent D722423

Brazilian: Registered Design BR 302013000966-1

Australian Patent: 2013101203 

All intellectual property is owned by Arch Support Footwear IP Pty Ltd, 486 High Street, Echuca, VIC, 3564, Australia and is used under licence by members of the Archies group of companies.



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